All Balls Bike Carburetor Kit H/K TC/TE/SX/CX/CX-W125-300


  • Kits are intended for closed course racing only
  • NBR rubber material is used on all O-rings and rubber gaskets. NBR has excellent resistance to the ethanol used in todayƒ??s fuels
  • Components included in the kits are based off of US models and discretion must be used when attempting to install the kit on a non US model
  • All gaskets and O-rings including intake gaskets before and after the carburetor
  • Float bowl, carburetor cap, and accelerator pump screws
  • Extended fuel mixture screw with spring, washer, and O-ring
  • Float needle valve with FMK tip
  • Accelerator pump diaphragm spring and boot
  • Emulsion tube with slide needle
  • 3 main jets and 3 pilot jets that can be used to tune a stock machine or a modified one


-?ÿGas Gas

2021?ÿ-?ÿMC 125
2021?ÿ-?ÿTC 125
2021?ÿ-?ÿTC 250
2020?ÿ-?ÿTC 250
2020?ÿ-?ÿTC 125
2019?ÿ-?ÿTE 150
2019?ÿ-?ÿTX 300
2019?ÿ-?ÿTC 125
2019?ÿ-?ÿTC 250
2018?ÿ-?ÿTX 300
2018?ÿ-?ÿTC 125
2018?ÿ-?ÿTC 250
2018?ÿ-?ÿTE 150
2018?ÿ-?ÿTE 250
2018?ÿ-?ÿTE 300
2017?ÿ-?ÿTX 300
2017?ÿ-?ÿTE 150
2017?ÿ-?ÿTC 125
2017?ÿ-?ÿTE 300
2017?ÿ-?ÿTC 250
2017?ÿ-?ÿTE 250
2022?ÿ-?ÿ125 XC
2022?ÿ-?ÿ125 SX
2022?ÿ-?ÿ150 SX
2022?ÿ-?ÿ250 SX
2021?ÿ-?ÿ250 SX
2021?ÿ-?ÿ150 SX
2021?ÿ-?ÿ125 SX
2021?ÿ-?ÿ125 XC
2020?ÿ-?ÿ125 SX
2020?ÿ-?ÿ150 SX
2020?ÿ-?ÿ250 SX
2019?ÿ-?ÿ150 XC-W
2019?ÿ-?ÿ250 SX
2019?ÿ-?ÿ150 SX
2019?ÿ-?ÿ125 SX
2019?ÿ-?ÿ300 XC
2019?ÿ-?ÿ250 XC
2018?ÿ-?ÿ125 SX
2018?ÿ-?ÿ150 SX
2018?ÿ-?ÿ250 SX
2018?ÿ-?ÿ250 XC
2018?ÿ-?ÿ300 XC
2018?ÿ-?ÿ150 XC-W
2018?ÿ-?ÿ250 XC-W
2018?ÿ-?ÿ300 XC-W
2017?ÿ-?ÿ150 XC-W
2017?ÿ-?ÿ250 SX
2017?ÿ-?ÿ250 XC
2017?ÿ-?ÿ250 XC-W
2017?ÿ-?ÿ300 XC
2017?ÿ-?ÿ300 XC-W
2017?ÿ-?ÿ125 SX
2017?ÿ-?ÿ150 SX