Engine Ice Hi-Performance Snowmobile Winter Coolant- 1/2 Gal


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High-performance coolant that's non-toxic and biodegradable. The R&D team at Engine Ice controls the entire process from start to finish ensuring that you get the best technologies, performance, and coolant available in the industry. Engine Ice is easy to use and pre-mixed in the convenient 1/2-gallon bottle. Formulated to perform under the most challenging conditions in high heat engines, like those found in today's performance sleds.

  • Propylene-glycol base antifreeze and coolant with boil over protection up to 254?øF and freeze-up protection to -46?øF
  • Non-toxic, phosphate-free and biodegradable coolant formula that's safe for the environment
  • Premium corrosion protection fights water pump seal and gasket failure.