KTM Black Vinyl Throttle Cable


  • Manufactured to exact measurements to meet or exceed oem specification
  • Tempered steel wire housing with an inner nylon sleeve for long life & smooth operation
  • Cables are individually packed in a poly sleeve with color coded header cards

MOTION PRO#10-0117




2007?ÿ-?ÿ400 XC-W 4-Stroke

2007?ÿ-?ÿ450 XCF-W

2007?ÿ-?ÿ450 XC-F

2007?ÿ-?ÿ525 XC-G 4-Stroke

2007?ÿ-?ÿ525 XC-W 4-Stroke

2006?ÿ-?ÿ450 SX-F

2006?ÿ-?ÿ450 XC-F

2006?ÿ-?ÿ525 EXC-G 4-Stroke

2006?ÿ-?ÿ525 XC-G 4-Stroke

2006?ÿ-?ÿ400 EXC 4-Stroke

2006?ÿ-?ÿ525 EXC 4-Stroke

2006?ÿ-?ÿ525 SMR 4-Stroke

2006?ÿ-?ÿ525 SX 4-Stroke

2005?ÿ-?ÿ450 SX-F

2005?ÿ-?ÿ450 SM-R 4-Stroke

2005?ÿ-?ÿ400 EXC 4-Stroke

2005?ÿ-?ÿ525 EXC 4-Stroke

2005?ÿ-?ÿ525 SMR 4-Stroke

2005?ÿ-?ÿ525 SX 4-Stroke

2005?ÿ-?ÿ450 EXC-F

2005?ÿ-?ÿ450 MXC 4-Stroke

2005?ÿ-?ÿ525 MXC 4-Stroke

2004?ÿ-?ÿ450 SX-F

2004?ÿ-?ÿ400 EXC 4-Stroke

2004?ÿ-?ÿ525 EXC 4-Stroke

2004?ÿ-?ÿ525 SMR 4-Stroke

2004?ÿ-?ÿ525 SX 4-Stroke

2004?ÿ-?ÿ625 SMC

2004?ÿ-?ÿ450 EXC-F

2004?ÿ-?ÿ450 MXC 4-Stroke

2004?ÿ-?ÿ525 MXC 4-Stroke

2004?ÿ-?ÿ625 SXC

2003?ÿ-?ÿ450 SX-F

2003?ÿ-?ÿ525 EXC 4-Stroke

2003?ÿ-?ÿ525 SX 4-Stroke

2003?ÿ-?ÿ450 EXC-F

2003?ÿ-?ÿ450 MXC 4-Stroke

2003?ÿ-?ÿ525 MXC 4-Stroke

2003?ÿ-?ÿ625 SXC


2008?ÿ-?ÿFE 450E

2008?ÿ-?ÿFE 550E

2007?ÿ-?ÿFE 450E

2007?ÿ-?ÿFE 550E

2006?ÿ-?ÿFE 450E

2006?ÿ-?ÿFE 550E

2005?ÿ-?ÿFE 450E

2005?ÿ-?ÿFE 550E

2005?ÿ-?ÿFC 450

2005?ÿ-?ÿFC 550

2004?ÿ-?ÿFE 450E

2004?ÿ-?ÿFE 550E

2004?ÿ-?ÿFC 450

2004?ÿ-?ÿFC 550