Risk Racing Fusion 2.0 Motorcycle grips


If you ride a dirt bike, then you know what it is like to have a grip that slips. Despite all your efforts to glue and safety wire the grip in place, it usually slips. Just the process of gluing and wiring grips can be a hassle as well. The wire often breaks during installation, and once installed, there is often a sharp point that wreaks havoc on your hands. Additionally, the gluing process is a mess and it is impossible to get consistent coverage between your grip and the bar. Risk Racing created a simple and effective solution grip bonding system called Fusion.
Fusion Grip Bonding System step 1Clean the bar and begin to place bonding strip.
Fusion Grip Bonding System step 2peel and apply the bonding strips to your bars, leaving a little on the end to press into the bar.
Fusion Grip Bonding System step 3spray the bonding strips with the Fusion Spray.
Fusion Grip Bonding System step 4Easily slide your grip into place and after 10-15 minutes the grips are bonded to your bars.